Christine's McCalls Patterns/Denyse Schmidt Quilt

Christine made this striking yet simple quilt based on a pattern designed by Denyse Schmidt for McCall's Patterns. I love the gradually lengthening of the triangles, and Christine's selection of prints. Sadly, the pattern is out of print.

I had so much quilting the loops this one. There are large expanses of white that turned out so nicely and really shows off the quilting and the colorful fabrics. Here's a picture of the pieced back. Nice!

Here's a close up of the binding. This is my usual method of binding, where the binding strip is sewn to the front, folded over to the back, and then stitched in the ditch from the front with a line of top-stitching shown on the back.

One last picture, just because this is such an awesome quilt!

Barbara's Butterfly Baby Quilt

Barbara is a local customer of mine. I love it when Barbara brings her quilts by, because each one is so unique and different from the other. Barbara also uses such a wide variety of fabrics and prints, that it's a fun guessing game for me as I'm working on them. I try to guess which collection the print is from, who might have designed it, and on and on. 

This is a little improvisational baby quilt that Barbara had me machine quilt with an all-over pattern called "Oh My Feathers."

Here's a closer look at some of the blocks. I wish I had taken a picture of the back -- Barbara used a white and red text print that was pretty neat. I have a couple of Irish Chain quilts from Barbara up soon, so hopefully I can post those next. Happy quilting!

Carol's Sweet Pea Quilt

I blinked and January was over. Poof, just like that.

One of the quilts that I had the pleasure of working on in January was this Sweet Pea quilt pieced by Carol with prints by Kansas Troubles. I wasn't able to take a picture of the entire quilt -- the weather and lighting have been awful -- but did get pictures of a couple of my favorite blocks.

Carol's Sweet Pea Quilt 1

Carol's piecing was so impressive, really something inspirational. She backed the quilt with navy flannel, and had me quilt an all-over rose stipple pattern in gold thread. 

Carol's Sweet Pea Quilt 2

Just lovely. Thanks again, Carol, for letting me work on your quilt!

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a relaxing, low-key Thanksgiving in our household. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too. Now it's time to get back to business. The best way to do that, of course, is to start the Holiday Season off with a sale!

To celebrate the start of the Holiday Season, take 20% off any fabric in the store from now through Friday 12/5. There are so many lovely collections out this season. Priory Square by Katy Jones, and Handcrafted by Alison Glass, are a couple of outstanding collections currently available.

PS. Fingers crossed, but I think the new Charley Harper collection, Nurture, should be arriving next week, hopefully in time to be included in this sale!!

Scrap Vomit by Anna

The name speaks for itself -- what a great scrap buster! This one is by Anna, and is based on this pattern (I think) by Katy Jones of Monkey Do.

Anna requested my favorite all-over quilting pattern, loopy, which is nicely simple and modern. Lately, I've been checking out audio books from our county library, so it's been lovely to be able to listen to a book and quilt this fun and rhythmic pattern. Wish all my days were like that! 

Hearts and baskets by Jennifer

Although it's been quiet on the blog, I've been busy doing quilt-y things, including customer quilts and cutting fabric. Even though the boys are getting older, it seems that we (as a family) are busier than ever, so life, too, has kept me busy. But I didn't want to let too much time pass without posting, because there's so much great quilting out there. 

Today, I wanted to share a couple of quilts I machine quilted for Jennifer (back in June!!). Jennifer is an awesome quilter, and so completely generous with her work, it blows me away. Most of the quilts she sends me for quilting are slated to be gifted to others, including this heart-themed quilt (which I believe was for her daughter).

The all-over quilting pattern is called Frolic, and I used a variegated thread in pinks, blues, yellow, and cream. 

And just to show how extra special this quilt was, Jennifer chose a minky backing that was just perfect for this quilt.

This next one is called Avalon Baskets. Fig Tree fabrics has such a distinctive look, and Jennifer's picks for this quilt resulted in a lovely, crisp looking quilt.

The all-over quilting pattern is called Parsley, and has just enough texture to fill out the expanses of the white background in this quilt.

If you are interested in having your quilt machine quilted, I'd love to hear from you! You can fill out a Quilting Request Form, or e-mail me directly at limasews(at)gmail(dot)com. 


We need to make some room for all the great new fabrics that are arriving. What better way to do that than with a sale!

Now through Monday 7/21, save 20% off your order in our Etsy shop with the code JULY2014. Orders of $75 or more (after 20% discount) receive free domestic shipping; international orders of $75 or more receive a discount of $6.50. We will refund the shipping charges when your order is processed, so no need to use a separate coupon code for the shipping discount.

We have so many great new fabrics, including re-stock of the entire Charley Harper collection. This time, we have the interlock knits as well. Speaking of knits, we have some adorable Just For Fun knits. As with all Birch knits, these are nice, stable knits that are easy to work with.

This sale only lasts through Monday!

New collections for summertime sewing

With so many new collections arriving this summer, I hardly have time to write about them all. Here are four collections recently received from Art Gallery:

Indelible, by Katarina Roccella, is spectacular.  It's mysterious yet whimsical at the same time. This collection contains 20 prints in two color groups.

Next up is Jungle Ave by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. Sara designed this collection for Art Gallery's Limited Edition series. This collection features 8 prints inspired by Sara's life in Chicago.

Emmy Grace is Bari J's fourth collection for Art Gallery. It features some gorgeous imagery full of butterflies, flowers, cityscapes, and some great blenders. There are 20 prints in quilting weight cottons, voiles, and knits.

Finally, we have April Rhodes' Arizona Collection. These colors, mint, apricot and navy, are probably my favorite grouping of this season. You can sew to your heart's content with the 8 prints in quilting weight cottons, voiles, and knits.

Kathy's Falling Charms Quilt

This is Kathy's Falling Charms quilt, which she sent to me for longarm quilting. The quilt is a wedding gift for Kathy's daughter. There is no better way (in my humble opinion) to help newlyweds start their household than the gift of a handmade quilt.

I'm not sure if it's evident in these pictures, but the solid charms are a shot-type cotton on a solid gray/silver background. I love the rose color Kathy chose for the binding (from Moda's Weave collection).

Kathy requested the stars and loops pattern for the all-over quilting, which I thought fit in quite well with the theme of "falling" charms and stars.

I was very appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the finishing of this lovely quilt. Thanks, Kathy! 

Stacey's Eiko Tatami Mat Quilt

Stacey's Tatami Mat quilt turned out so cool, I had to post about it right away. 

Stacey hadn't decided on an all-over quilting pattern when she first brought it to me. As luck would have it, I knew this koi panto was going to be perfect! I had been waiting for a quilt using Birch's Eiko fabrics. 

Here are a couple of the little swimming koi. You have to look closely, because the effect is subtle, or as Stacey phrased it, a little bit meta with the koi on koi.

I was thrilled to be able to work with Stacey on her quilt. Stacey told me this was the first quilt top she pieced, but that she was not new to sewing itself. When we talked yesterday, Stacey already had multiple quilt tops in the works, so it appears she has caught the quilting bug.

As an added bonus, the quilt pattern was designed by the fabulously talented Melissa Lunden, a fellow Portlander. Melissa has a number of lovely patterns in her shop, so definitely go and check them out!

Churndash and Natural Big Blocks Quilts by Judy

Judy is one of my favorite customers, and I was fortunate enough to work on these two quilts she sent me for longarm quilting.

The first quilt is Judy's version of the churndash block. What makes this quilt unique is the secondary pattern formed by the neighboring snowball block.

The quilting pattern is called "Winds of Change." I love this pattern, so much soft movement throughout. 

Here is one of the churndashes up close. Judy used a simple but effective color scheme, limiting it to the two purples paired with a neutral.

The second quilt is called Natural Big Blocks and seems very much in keeping with the current trend toward low volume quilts.

The quilting pattern is Royal Plumes, which has a nice 13-inch repeat, perfect for a quilt this size. Did I mention that both quilts are king-sized? I have a 12-foot frame and needed every inch for these two quilts.

I'm not sure if it comes through in the picture, but the thread for both quilts is a variegated cream with pinks, blues, and yellows, made by Aurifil.

And here they are, ready to go back to Judy...

Modern Maples by Summer

I want to get into the habit of sharing pictures of the quilts I've been lucky enough to work on. I'm presenting these as I get around to editing the hundreds of quilt pictures I've taken so far, and their presentation comes in no particular order. (And, yes, I do try to photograph all the quilts I work on!)

This quilt is Modern Maples, which was sent to me for longarm quilting by Summer of Seven Pretty. I told Summer that she was lucky to get this quilt back, as I really kinda fell hard for it.

Summer has a definite talent for combining prints and colors. She used a range of prints from several collections and designers, including Lizzy House and Joel Dewberry. She requested a freehand wood grain pattern, which flowed well with the quilt's theme and was fun to do.

Here is a detail of one of the corners. The binding is from Birch's Camp Modern collection. It finished the quilt off quite nicely.